Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

The Awards will be supervised by an Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from the education, sports and social welfare sectors.  Members for the Advisory Board of 2021 – 2022 HKSSA include:

Honorary Advisors:

  • Mr Dominic Lai – A.S. Watson Group
  • Ms Malina Ngai, JP – A.S. Watson Group

Founding Members:

  • Mrs Ng Tsang Yuen-lee
  • Mr Lam Kwoon Sun Anthony
  • Mr Hung Chun May James
  • Mr Ieong Iok-Ion Pedro
  • Mr Chu Fu Yau Dominic
  • Mr Yeung Hoi Cheung

Honorary Member:

  • Mr Lai Yiu Keung Tony
  • Mr Li Lok-yin
  • Ms Wu Siu Ling Elaine
  • Mr Leung Siu Tong, MH

Committee Member:

  • Ms Wong Hing Yee Annie – Education Bureau
  • Mr Jacky Lam – Home Affairs Bureau
  • Ms Fung Yi Yee – Union of Government Primary School Headmasters & Headmistresses
  • Mr Cheung Yung Pong, MH – Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association
  • Ms Vu Im Fan – Subsidized Primary Schools Council
  • Mr Lin Chun Pong – Hong Kong Association of Heads of Secondary School
  • Ms. Poon Po Na, Paula – Association of Principals of Government Secondary Schools
  • Dr Poon Suk Han Halina, MH – Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary Schools Council
  • Ms Man Sze Wing – Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council
  • Mr Wong Kin Hang, Kenson – Hong Kong Special Schools Council
  • Mr Ng Siu Ki, MH – Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
  • Mr Leung Kwok Shing – The Outstanding Young Persons Association
  • Mr Jonathan CK Tong – Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association
  • Mr Ron Lee – Hong Kong Sports Institute