2019 – 2020 Event Schedule

14 Oct 2019 On-line nomination
Before 16 Dec 2019 School & Awardee email reply the event invitation
18 & 19 Jan 2020 Leadership Workshop (Venue: Hong Kong Sports Institute)
14 – 17 April 2020 Online Awards Presentation Ceremony
17 May 2020 (Cancelled) Awards Presentation Ceremony
(Venue: Queen Elizabeth Stadium)
1 June 2020 (Cancelled) Open application for the Sports Exchange Tour
30 June 2020 (Cancelled) Deadline application for Sports Exchange Tour
12 July 2020 (Cancelled) Selection of participants for the Sports Exchange Tour
(Venue: Hong Kong Sports Institute)
13 July 2020 (Cancelled) Winners’ announcement
7 August 2020 (Cancelled) Pre-tour Briefing for the Sports Exchange Tour

(Venue: Watson House)

22 – 27 August 2020 (Cancelled) Sports Exchange Tour (Destination: Tokyo, Japan)
12 September 2020 (Cancelled) Sports Exchange Tour Appreciation Lunch




Student nominees should fulfil the following criteria:

  • currently studying in a primary, secondary or special school with full curriculum in the Hong Kong SAR
  • outstanding performance in sport
  • demonstrating good conduct and sportsmanship
  • showing passion and commitment in the pursuit of sports excellence
  • recommended by his/her school principal

The organiser of the SSA reserves all rights to accept or decline any nominations and/or disqualify a successful nomination. Final results will be endorsed by the Awards’ Advisory Committee.

e-Nomination Link

Nomination Guidelines

Nomination Leaflet

Leadership Workshop

Leadership Workshop

All awardees are invited to attend the Leadership Workshop providing them a platform to know and exchange with fellows from different schools and sports. Through taking part in a series of Adventure Base Counseling activities, we hope to strengthen the participants’ leadership and communications skills, promote team spirits, sportsmanship and enhance personal growth.

Details of Leadership Workshop

Date: 18 January 2020 (Saturday)

19 January 2020 (Sunday)

Time: (Primary School, Secondary School & Special School)
 8:15a.m. – 5:30p.m.
Venue:  Hong Kong Sports Institute, 25 Yuen Wo Rd, Sha Tin

Awards Presentation Ceremony

Awards Presentation Ceremony

All awardees are invited to attend the Awards Presentation in which they
would be presented the scholarship certificate by officiating guests, with the presence of their parents and teachers to share the joy and happiness.

Details of Awards Presentation

Date: 17 May 2020 (Sunday)
Time: (Primary School, Secondary & Special Secondary School)
 10:00am – 12:00noon
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Stadium (18 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai)
Remarks: (Cancelled)

Sports Exchange Tour

Sports Exchange Tour

group photo

Awardees are eligible to apply for the Sports Exchange Tour held in Summer holiday. Selected participants after rounds of screening and selection by the Advisory Committee would be given the opportunity to learn more on the national sports policy through visiting the training centers and meeting the national athletes. Moreover, participants would be toured around different famous local spots which not only help broadening their horizons but also enriching their understanding to the country history and culture.

Sports Exchange Tour Application Form


Please check your browser version. Suggested browsers are Google Chrome (Latest version), Firefox (Latest version).
School Registration Number is assigned by the Education Bureau. The School Registration Number using in our system is a six-digital number.
We had sent a mail to school for the school number and password; the password must be a six-digital number. Please contact us if did not receive the mail.
You can use the “Forget Password” function in the website. Please input your school registration number and the school email address, and the captcha. Nomination system will then send out an email to the registered school email, which includes a hyperlink to change the password.
The most possible reason of login failure would be wrong captcha, which is an automatically generated figure combined with letter (upper and lower case) and number. Please be aware of the input method and letter case.
All information should be filled in accurately. As we will send out our activities information to the school and nominated student by post or via email from time to time, please make sure all information (e.g. address, email and contact number) are correct, so as not to miss any message we send to you.
All fields are compulsory except student sports achievement and family doctor contact information which is optional.You may wish to prioritise the student sports achievement in following sequence: international event, local event and inter-school event.
Yes, filling and uploading the form is a must. As all of our events require certain degree of physical strength, we have to ensure all participants’ health situation, which we can provide the most suitable assistance when you need help.
Please check your browser version. Suggested browser Google Chrome (Latest version). Apart from this, the file format should be JPG or PDF.
Upon finishing and submitting the form, our system will sent out a confirmation email including a nomination code and all filled data to the following person:

  • School contact person (Frequently used email of the teacher in-charge is suggested).
  • Nominated student and their parent or guardian.
Please check all the inbox including trash box or junk box. If you still have not received any confirmation email, you may wish to login again to the system to ensure the correct email address is provided.